Mail call Ft.Tool Girl Sam #2326

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It's that time again!!

Andy Mechanic

If you'd like to purchase any of the Andy Mechanic branded workshop clothing then just visit:


UniformNZ can ship to anywhere in the World so if you are far far away then just email them for a quote.

You can also become a Patron to the Andy Mechanic YouTube channel. Patrons get special access to up and coming projects, future info about the channel & of course background info on the Tool Girls too! Here’s a link:
If you'd like to send something through by post - a letter to be read out in the 'Mail Call' videos or maybe a parcel containing a surprise for your favorite Tool Girl, maybe a new tool for us to use in a video or a YouTube channel sticker for the cabinet door or toolbox then you can send it here:

Andy Mechanic YouTube channel
PO Box 6265
Wellesley Street
Post Code 1141
New Zealand

You'll be sure to get a shout out on one of the videos too!

Thanks for all your support, until next time...

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