Contact Beyond Contact

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Contact Beyond Contact

CBC was created by Vangelis Legakis after many years of dance practice, research and teaching by integrating healing modalities, meditation and spirituality. CBC has taken a unique substance and form that we wish to share to the world to teach and share further.

In Contact Beyond Contact we use all our senses, energy and soul to connect with one another rather than only the physical body-contact. Contact starts already in the space in between before the skin to skin contact. The eyes need to come into contact with what they witness; The ears need to come into contact with the vibrations of sounds within and all around us to listen.

Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We believe that everybody can dance as well as everybody can facilitate a dance event. We are passionate about dance practice and moreover to endorse dance as a healing practice accessible to all. Contact Beyond Contact is a dance improvisation practice that focuses on creating an environment and holding space for transformation and healing.

CBC is a practice that integrates Contact Improvisation (CI) and Authentic Movement (AM) with profound practices and philosophies such as chi gong, yoga, healing modalities, principles of behaviourism, mindfulness, leadership skills, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies for a holistic integration of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Founder & Creator
Vangelis Legakis

We offer a CBC Facilitators Training Course Level 1
in Bali 25-31 January and 1-7 February 2019.

The courses will be co-facilitated with Tara Li

More information:
[email protected]
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